I’ve been slacking a bit on the SmugMug DGrin API forum, but I popped by today and noticed a call for help from Don MacAskill …

We’re seriously revamping the way we handle the API, support, announcements, and discussions around it. It’s become a very important part of what SmugMug does, and our developers (that’s you!) are super important.

As part of that, we’re trying to set up a StackExchange site and could use your help, especially if you use StackOverflow, but any and all help helps. :)

Please read my blog post about StackExchange here: http://don.blogs.smugmug.com/2010/12/15/my-love-affair-with-stackexchange-and-a-plea-for-help/

And thanks in advance for your help! More to come about the way we’re going to handle announcements, improvements, end-of-life, etc, as we continue to think about it internally.

Essentially, SmugMug want to start using StackExchange for hosting Q&A and other useful information for users and devlopers, but in order to even get considered for a beta, they need 100% commitment from people to say they will use the SmugMug Q&A on StackExchange.

If you’ve ever used StackOverflow or other stack sites, you’ll know what a great resource this is and how useful this can be for everyone, so please head on over to StackExchange, hit ‘Commit’, fill in your details (your SmugMug URL works as an OpenID!), and then click the link in the email they’ll send you.

The more commits they get, the quicker they’ll get to start the beta phase.