It’s been a while since I last released an update to phpSmug, but rest assured I’ve not forgotten phpSmug and have actually been working on some of the behind-the-scenes stuff. Most of the work I’ve been doing has been on building a test suite for my own purposes so I can thoroughly test phpSmug with ease.

This is list of the changes you as a developer/user may notice (taken from the README.txt):

  • https is forced for all calls that use OAuth with the PLAINTEXT signature method. WARNING: Uploads are however rejected by the API if you use PLAINTEXT (which is NOT the default).
  • Failed upload responses and smugmug.auth.* method responses are no longer cached.
  • Upload filenames are now encoded to ensure spaces and non-ascii characters are correctly handled.
  • images_upload() now honours any earlier setProxy() calls so uploads can occur through that proxy.
  • clearCache() now takes a boolean argument to state whether you want the cache location to be removed when the cache is cleared. Default is FALSE, ie the cache location will NOT be removed
  • Added methods to handle calling of the various login.* methods offered by the API when using these instead of the single login() method offered by phpSmug. (Issue #6)
  • For my own benefit, I’ve now implemented a full PHPUnit test suite that checks all functionality of phpSmug.

phpSmug 2.2 is now available on the download page.

Given the relative silence from users, I’d say not many people have encountered these or they’re easily found a workaround.

If you spot any issues, let me know. Oh and don’t forget to drop me a line if you have a product that uses phpSmug that could do with a bit of free advertising.