Time for a relatively major update that primarily fixes uploading and caching.

SmugMug have enforced the use of upload.smugmug.com for all uploads. All earlier releases of phpSmug uploaded to api.smugmug.com, and whilst this worked, apparently SmugMug were having problems with people using this endpoint for uploads, so they’ve now forced people to use the correct url :-) (Issue #5).

Other changes in this release include fixing a problem spotted with caching - data was being re-cached everytime a method call was called, even if the data was read from the cache in the first place. (Issue #4)

phpSmug now also stores SmugMug’s mode in the $obj->mode object variable for easy checking of SmugMug’s status. This variable is only populated if SmugMug is in read-only mode.

I also fixed the “login with hash” example in the README file.

phpSmug 2.1 is now available on the download page.